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Dietetic Internship CRDNs

Core competencies demonstrating proficiency in knowledge and experience gained throughout the UT CPD

CRDN 2.4 Function as a member of interprofessional teams.

Activity 1: Participated in the UT School of Nursing IPE simulation for pharmacy, dietetic, social work, and speech-language pathology students to gain a more realistic experience working with other professions.

Activity 2: Participated in virtual simulation Health and Well Being for All: Exploring Social Determinants that Impact Health and Health Outcomes. The professions represented were public health, social work, dietetics, nursing, clinic medical director, and city council member. Role-playing focused on choosing a position that was unfamiliar to you. For example, being a social worker or a city official, encouraged thinking from a different viewpoint to attain a desired outcome for the community. Specific topics discussed were the accessibility of neighborhood residents to access green spaces, fresh whole foods, and adequate medical care at the local clinic.

CRDN 2.9 Actively contribute to nutrition and dietetics professional and community organizations.

Activity 1: Attended the Wellness Symposium On Wheels 2022 arranged by DCTX and Dairy Max: Understanding Modern Agriculture Farm Tour

Activity 2: Become a member of DCTX and participate in promoting other opportunities for current and future dietitians to expand and share knowledge among our peers.

Activity 3: I am currently a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and will transition to full professional membership in the coming year.